Ashton Culey

Ashton Culey

On December 1st of 2015, after a lifetime struggle with liver disease, many lives changed forever, not just Ashton’s.

At one month old Ashton was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a liver disease that would alter the events of his life to come.

Growing up was the same as every other kid, just with the limitation of no contact sports. Every year or so a hospital stay was required to battle infections created by the liver not functioning properly. As he got older the condition worsened and would eventually lead to the life changing event.

In 2015, after many battles with Ecoli, God decided that he had a plan. And that plan was to gift Ashton with the organ of one of his fallen warriors.

“The date of December 1st will always hold such importance in my life, knowing that I was gifted with the second chance at life that many people are never given.” – Ashton

God only gives his toughest challenges to the his most brave warriors.