Computer Vision

Recent studies indicate that computer vision syndrome (CVS) affects as many as 75% of computer users. CVS presents when a person spends a good deal of time working or in front of a computer. This vision condition is not extremely dangerous, and there is no reason to panic. If you experience some of the symptoms described, know that you can reduce these symptoms with CVS by just changing the way you work at your computer.

CVS patients may experience eye fatigue, eye strain, and blurred vision and glare related headaches. These issues can be greatly reduced by using glasses set to focus at your “computer working distance” (usually 20 to 21 inches). These lenses can be recommended by our doctors after a routine eye examination and refraction.

With glasses for the computer, you will sharpen visual focus and you will see with more clarity. Clarity with reduced glare helps your eyes feel better at work. Long hours in front of a computer screen and harsh fluorescent lighting can produce CVS and dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome can also start with the patient who suffers from CVS. Computer users don’t blink enough to keep eyes moist. They compensate to see the screen by bending their heads down to look over glasses or holding their chin up to see through the lower part of lenses, causing aches. Eyes also get strained by overhead lighting. To that fact, you will find that most patients with CVS also have tired and sore back and neck pain at work.

Without the proper prescription for your computer distance, the patients with CVS will also experience headaches, blurred vision and general fatigue. Anyone who spends several hours in front of a computer screen is at risk for CVS.

If you think you might be experiencing some of these symptoms, we recommend you have an eye exam to test for CVS symptoms. We also recommend that you modify your workstation at your computer and make sure you have proper lighting and chair positioning to reduce your fatigue and neck strain associated with working at your desk and computer terminal.