Conjunctivitis, commonly called “pink eye,” is a condition where there is some form of viral infection, allergic reaction or bacteria associated. This condition usually present with an eye that is pink or red in color.  The eye is often itchy, watery and generally uncomfortable.  This condition is highly contagious!

The doctors at Tucker-Kudrna-Holec-Young Eye Care Centre need to see you right away when these conditions present. As soon as you think you have this condition, make sure you take every measure not to spread it. Wash your hands often, don’t touch the eye with your hands, don’t share any towels or cloths, and don’t use any make-up which may become contaminated.

Children should be kept out of school until treated and the condition is under control.  Sometimes the doctor will need to prescribe an antibiotic and ointment to treat the conjunctivitis.